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13 07 2008

Bling! Whats up bitches?

Looking through the calendar and the remaining one last week of the long holiday, I should be spending my time wisely these days.Sleeping late at night and waking up early in the morning so as not to waste my time away, I must admit I have to surrender. My eyes are going blind, if this lifestyle persists cause I can feel the pain in my eyes. I realise I have been procrastinating and I still have many uncompleted tasks. TheGossipLounge has been so motivating for the moment on once-a-day article. I have been reading newspaper almost everyday and I wonder how this habit will get going.

Backtrack to few days back,

My test was awesome except for that one particular paper. Okay, not exactly the one with many adventures but missions to roam the street to find our needs/wants/desires. Remember I said I wanted to do a special entry for my dear friends here? Well, I don’t feel like writing out all the details right now.

Why? Maybe because I grew up in a way that I spent a lot of time alone or around people that really could have cared less about my best interest. All of the experiences that I have had throughout my life has really made me appreciate the true friends that I have now, like Mimi Arep, walauuupuuuuuun mulut jahat tapi hati baik (mak ikhlas puji kau nok).

I think that friendship is one thing that most people take for granted. Relationships are work regardless of they type of relationship it is. Sometimes getting to know and understand all of your girlfriends may take some time and effort. Women are finicky and sensitive (dan mengikis duit kau!), but a good friend will always be aware of the things that affect her (or him)… in a good or bad way. So at this point, I don’t feel like giving them such attention. Besides, there’s lot’s other good nice people im surrounded with, now.

You should always treat people the way that you want to be treated but with friends you have to take it a step further. For me it has always been the little things that matter so much… the random calls to say I love you, the girls nights out where there is no cattiness or drama, the honest shopping ventures when they say “oh no hunny!”, lol but mostly the fact that they let me be who I am and love me unconditionally regardless of my crazy life. I have always said I am who I am and I refuse to change for anyone but me and they accept me for me as I accept them for who they are and love them regardless of their most major flaw.

In closing, it may be because I am a Scorpio, but I am very supportive and am even more protective of people hold close to my heart! Real friends are few and far between so cherish them like they are a part of you. To my friends, thank you… because of you I’m such a lucky girl boy and to you I say this…

Friendship is more than a word… it’s a commitment.

If you can’t do it, then back off. In my previous job, I don’t feel like i am having good friends around, except my editor. Now I have Mapong, Juey and Aan. Maybe because I see myself as in a bigger picture. I always believe that I am meant for something bigger, because I can give more, fashion, media, entertainment. Now, they are doing thing’s I wanted to do, for instance, K is now with EH! Magz, and Yana too, and so I’ve heard, freaking bitch made it to Seventeen Magz. WTF? Thats my spot bitch! *sigh. Maybe my timing is off or maybe the universe is trying to tell me something that I’m not yet able to see. For me I find that when I plan on focusing on work it’s slow and when I have things to do in my personal life, I’m overwhelmed with it.

I have always been the type of person that thinks people should be allowed to be who they are, no matter what anyone thinks… however, I am noticing that sometimes I don’t totally accept that because they are not doing something my way… lol, how hypocritical is that?. I know there’s few thousands of people who wanted to be a teacher out there. They have hopes, dreams and maybe 1% of them, really DO want to be a teacher. But, dah rezeki kan, I got it. So deal with it.

I have to admit that I may not have what you had. But then again, so do you.

Ted Baker




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13 07 2008

Friendship is more than a word… it’s a commitment.

yup,agree with that,and i would like to add some more-not only frenship,but any other srelationship really needa a serious commitment….

hmmm whatever it is,action always speaks louder than words right?

*by da way,i’ve linked you in my blog.TQ for pay visit to my blog.

13 07 2008
Faisal Admar

Guess you blog-hop from Nikli’s blog? lol. Just guessing…

Btw, I think we are alike. I like to do thing on my own which is me — alone. Instead of bunch of colleagues, I have few friends (very few indeed) which you can be counted by fingers (did I mention how many fingers on “a” hand?).

So, my true friend is internet and laptop. The rest… I don’t know. I simply don’t care…

I used to have a best friend. But it’s a memory now… I don’t give a damn anymore. A best friend who ignores you should not even be a friend. Now I sound pathetic… eh? Forget it… I won’t brag about friendship anymore… it hurt… so hurt.

Great blog you have 😉

14 07 2008

Seventeen Magz – next month cover is ME.. kau ado????

Ikhlas ke nok? Mak terharu… cisss hate that link.. pechlob

14 07 2008

aku hargai persahabatan kita!!yehh..apatah lagi dh jd gossip crew..ahaks

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