It’s Teddy, bitch!

10 07 2008
It’s Teddy, bitch!
I’m back! I have sorted out my schedules, right now I’m committed to blogging like never before. And Im forcing Mimi to update her damn blog as much as I did. But it seems likely, no matter what my status is, I find it hard not to write. Maybe it’s because I live in a country where 70 percent of the population owns a damn laptop.

I am writing this piece as a silent solicitation, if not outright begging, for the people I know that have dreams, but never waking up to the reality that dreams are useless if they are stuck in the head. It is like thirst. Your mind knows its thirsty, but your mind has to command your limbs to pick yourself up and get that glass of water to whet your thirst. To make a parallel, your mind has to command your limbs to go out there and do it.

Nasty rumors, juicy scoops, rave reviews, anyone can talk about someone or something with impunity because everyone hides behind the white screen of their monitors. It’s a mad mad world out there in the Internet. I love it! *hiks

Peeps, today is my last day doing my class-exam here in Penang. In two weeks, I’m going to start my practicum. It’s an exhilarating experience to meet people from diverse fields. They give me inspiration especially in the trying times that I have currently. Learning about a successful person’s past gives me a new perspective on things, and I think an experienced teacher has a lot to tell. It also gives me – albeit fleetingly – a sense of hope.

All the ideas, inventions and innovations that have marked the 20th century into the 21st came to fruition because someone acted upon his dream. There is a huge difference between a person who dreams a lot, and someone who actually pursues his dream. The gap between them is called success.

In my previous line of work, I didn’t get much, but i like it. And I put my efforts towards it. Sometimes no matter how hard you pursue a certain career path, along it you pick up something  – like a hibernating skill or a new interest – and you are forced to make a choice. Do you stay where you are? Or do you start a new trail?

Anyway, instead of finding time to sit down and blog about other sucky things in life, I couldn’t because I kept thinking that I had to finish one entry about you my fellow friends and what I hate about you. Everything from the way you walk, speak, talk and dress up. Yes, you have fashion faux pax bitches.That’s not the worst part. Not everything is bad for the past 7 months. I could get worse colleague. I’m not against people. It’s just a preference.

A friend came to me and said that he just don’t understand why does girls (preferably, according to him) keeps talking about other people? Reality check, every moron talks about everyone else, that’s the fact of life. That’s how the world spin!. YOU talked about other people too, they may not know it, but who cares? I don’t care. I don’t mind being talked about because hell yeah I talked about you too! You are nothing unless you are talked about. Hey, come to think of it, I just realized (which equivalent to = I don’t really care) is that I haven’t really got a grasp of my other classmates faces and names. I might only remember 40 people tops. You are just not interesting. No fatal attraction whatsoever. You may be a whore in your place but why let other people outshine you. If you want attention so much, be a bitch. Same respect, half the effort.

But that’s just me. It’s hard for me to distinguish truth from fiction these days. Even in forums, you cannot be 100% sure that the information they give out is true and honest. The most important thing is to have your own opinion on things. That way, you won’t easily be swayed. And let people talk about you, especially harsh things. You are not God to be all perfect. I might have flaws bigger that you bitches combined.

In the end, the guiding principle should be the same as always. The phrase “Don’t believe everything you read in the papers/what people told you” should now be “Don’t believe everything you know. Just believe in your ass. Period.”.

Ted Baker




2 responses

11 07 2008

sentap.. its SNAP

13 07 2008
Faisal Admar

“Don’t believe everything you know. Just believe in your ass. Period.”.

Lol, love this quote.
Is that your laptop? OMG! it’s awesome… and beautiful bed too!

Yeah, women usually talk and gossip. Plus, they backstabbing each other. Weird? But that’s life. To say men never gossip — that is so untrue. Just you can count it by fingers…

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