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6 07 2008

Without a doubt the Malaysians and many other countries around the world have a much better understanding of allowing children to develop young strong attitudes and become involved with money at a much younger age now than 20 years ago. Me, comparing again.

I have a friend who works with Hong Leong bank, and she is well-versed on the shit pile came from overused of credit cat. Just so, I do knew how annoying credit cards were to get rid of and I knew the system was designed that way to ensure the banks received a maximum ROI ( Return on investment ) on every card they dished out.

My question is, WHY is it so impossible to entertain the thought of life without a credit card to reach for every time you feel like buying something new, booking a holiday, having something you want now and paying for it later?

I have never smoked, I would never take drugs of any kind but I am addicted to the Internet. That’s my thing and that’s fine because im paying for quite a sum for my broadband fees. However I would suggest that impulsive purchases on a Credit Card are in a very similar category to drugs and addiction:-

1. People have a NEED for them, a dependency to make themselves feel richer.
2. People tend to overlook, forget or do not want to add up how much they spend on Credit Cards in a year
3. If you try and go without them in your life, even for a week you will experience some kinds of “withdrawal symptoms.”
4. They are notoriously difficult to give up once you start.
5. If left alone over a long period of time, they can lead to ill health, stress, worry and depression.

Now I am not sure about you, but if there is a warning placed on a cigarette packet that “Smoking Kills” I would ask why there is not a similar amount of caution attached to borrowing ton credit cards. The reason I mention these thing together is the question of rules. It’s all a matter of following the right guidelines, whether they are spiritual, parental or something within you.

I knew someone who owns the credit card company as amounting MYR7k, and all he spent off is for clothes and food. Ok, I love clothes but you have to take the reality train here, thats a lot of money dude, especially if you are 25 and have worked for 5 years.

Ok u asshole, I might not always do the right things, but I am hell not going to shop using my credit card. Why? Because I am terrible with money. Even you know that. Even i know that. I might have ONE for my petrol consumption but I suppose that’s about it. I should stop buying expensive gadgets. Oh yeah, there is a thing called savings. You know, the part where you save 40% of your salary, thing.

You might want to do one.

Ted Baker




3 responses

6 07 2008
Aaron Wakling

I found your site on Google and read a few of your other entires. Nice Stuff. I’m looking forward to reading more from you.

13 07 2008

if u can save about 40% for saving, i guess u r awesome..

thanks for dropping by at my page this morning..hope u had enjoy ur stayed..n have a good day to you..

13 07 2008
Faisal Admar

Damn Nikli… I could even save more than 40% of the salary for saving le… haha! don;t ask me how… i’m not stingy okek! but i know how to save money.

Back to the topic…

Yes, I never use credit card too. Even book a hotel room. Call me weirdo… retard or cheapskate… or even poor… I don’t give a damn. Hey! Are you richer than Warren Buffett? No? Do you know that he is the richest person on earth? and yet never use credit card? and who the hell are you to use it then? Rofl!

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