6 07 2008

Do your thing!

I just got back from this movie and I don’t think this review justifies it. It was at least deserving of a 3.5 or maybe (definitely maybe) 4. The character development is there, it has a satisfying amount of action, and the conflict is surprising. Just because they don’t completely explain their origin doesn’t make it a bad movie. This is definitely worth seeing, possibly more than once.

Hancock simply doesn’t work without Will Smith, plain and simple.  He occasionally has the tendency to overplay a character for laughs, but here he does a great job of not only using his own charm, but making Hancock just enough of a sullen curmudgeon that you like him even when you’re not supposed to.  As the second banana, Jason Bateman uses his comic chops to subtly slide in on-liners and handles Hancock with the same sort of patient exasperation as he did the Bluth family.  And as far as Charlize Theron goes, well, without giving too much away, it would appear that she’s just a pretty face with a mean stink eye for the reluctant hero, but there’s more going on there than you think.

I’m not going to sit here and act like Hancock is a great movie.  It’s nowhere near the best comic book movie of the summer. And by the way, why do they think Theron was so underused. She had just as much of the spotlight as Bateman. When three grade A actors get thrown into the three central parts, there can’t be a perfectly even amount of light. I believe that they used the right amount of time on each character.

A 3.5-4 for me, I can’t quite decide.

Ted Baker




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