4 07 2008

I am trying very hard to be disciplined – but it is so difficult! Instead of writing novels (I’m doing a freelance write up for fashion and lifestyle magazine) and doing design work, I decided to sleep all day. That’s the way it goes. Sleep by day, study by night. Though I am forcing myself, dancing in my head – but I do now feeling more pressure than ever without a steady guaranteed that I know what’s waiting for me in those 3 days exams. From there it just depends on what takes priority.

My sister is currently in KL, waiting for her LM commencing 14th of July. I’ll be starting at about 21st of July. Awesome!. I’m planning on heading out to my eye-candy spot later tonight. Is it new? I’m not sure. It’s just me. 

Did you hear the one about the politician who reportedly sodomized his PA?. I’m in support of tougher sentences–and mandatory ones–for rapists of all types, not just those who target merely politicians. Its so lame. But I get what the peole was trying to say about the increased pressure such sentences would bring on the defense attorneys hired by these vile scum. They’ll need to be even more thorough in their cross-examination of the witnesses.

Post Entry

My my my. My niece just break the news. She is getting married on the 1st of August, then right after, my sister will have her weddings. My my, my sisters and niece’s are all grown up. There will be no more fun teasing them, they’re adults and will soon responsible for their husbands. Well I guess it’s a good thing for them. We can’t hold to something for too long. We have to evolve. Luckily my mother haven’t rised the marriage issue yet but I know she doesnt even bother. I think it says something int the midst of lost commandment regarding this exact issue. 

At this point in my life, I am in the dire need to find a new beginning, mentally, physically and spiritually.  I need to get my head right, get my body toned and less lethargic and get back in touch spiritually with myself, with God and the powers that be. I need some fucking muscles man!

Ted Baker




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