Dear Diary – hard

2 07 2008

Dear diary.

The whole basis of life according to me is to be grateful with what we had and the message to leave with is this whole notion of questioning your identity that is burdened with throughout. I read the newspaper today, a real newspaper, instead of online, and yes, the stories are trajectory different. I came upon an article about this factory in Penang that has been shut down and almost 900 of the workers are now jobless, and the report ethically interviewed a 40-something lady that has been working with the factory for a nearly 20 years. Hold you horses, there is more. The most eye-catching statement by her that caught my eyes were, her salary was merely MYR700 and she had to support 2 of her kids.

Now as far as I know, I don’t know this person and there really isn’t anyway that this person knows me. Because of the fact that it was seriously so totally hard AND made me think introspectively, I have to give my respect to her. I think, its just how life is. U got to do what you got to do. With that much of a salary, and kids to be feed, she is one tough lady. She is intoxicating. And I wish I am a billionaire to help her out. To the mere fact that I am not, then i’ll stick with being organized because she did. She must’ve organized everything to subsequently filled paces. So will I. Insya-Allah.

I’m gonna keep making my lists, see what all I need and maybe get to the store.

Ted Baker





One response

2 07 2008

yes u ols.. diff ppl diff spending so they will adjust accordingly

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