Sunyi sepi? NOT.

30 06 2008

Some said Sepi, the movie was good. If that so, then this calls for a celebration for such an amazing contribution to the local film industry! Yeah right.

“Sepi” is another one of Khabir Batia’s brainchild that spins three stories with the same theme in common, loneliness. It is a film about the story of a chef named Adam (Afdlin Shauki) stuck in the singledom trying to find a wife, a shoe factory owner, Sufi (Tony Eusoff) who runs to recover from the loss of his wife due to an unexpected car crash, and there’s Imaan (Baizura Kahar), a college girl and script writer for the theater who carries a strong memory of her past that should be left behind.

The first thing you’ll find amazing in this film is the dramatic camera angles that make you feel that you’re actually in the movie! Khabir did a really good job with the camera and because of this, he makes everything in this movie appear more real. It is not the usual in-your-face camera shot, and we all have to admit that this comes from the director’s renowned talent. It was magical. I loved it, the music, it was amazing. I think everything was perfect, except Baizura Kahar’s hideous hair. Come on, you couldn’t agree more.

I just hate the fact that Imaan doesn’t staged well. I mean the hair, OMG, get out of my face,please do. What can i say, I’m an overemotional crybaby. I’m terrible with money. I take things too personally. I have a temper. I can be lazy. So it affects my judgement. If you want someone, then work hard, spent more time. It’s a bullshit thing if u think, spending 2/3 hours per day, reading a line of poem, and there you go, a recipe for a relationships, come on it’s so easy being teenagers huh?.. Or wait.. wait.. Or was that the real point out of it?

Oh well, I can’t say it wasn’t a compliment and I didn’t appreciate watching the movie, because it was and I did. You don’t know, and I don’t care to share. The movie on the whole wasn’t all that miserable. Afdlin did a good job (though i can’t stand the breathing), Eja (my all time favorite actress) was amazing, Tony was OK, Syed, the hunky (I love the hair, nuff said), Vanida Oh-Veeeee Imran was extremely beyond magical. It was a good movie. Maybe someone else can do better. And, can you please find another guy to be Ashraf, Sufi’s son, at the end of the movie because that is NOT convincing! Dont slack it off by using the ‘adult’ Tony Eusoff to act out as the ‘young’ Tony Eusoff because Tony Eusoff WILL NEVER LOOK ANY YOUNGER!.

(Photo curik from Afdlin’s)

Ted Baker




2 responses

1 07 2008

i’m going to watch Sepi today.
never would spend my ka-ching on “low quality” Malay film but Khabir’s definitely worth my $$ and time.


2 07 2008

i have watched this movie and it was really..wahhh!the shot..the angle..there were really awesome!

wonderful job.

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