Dear diary – bitch

30 06 2008

Dear diary,

Am I hot? Yes. Do I need a fancy car to show off how fancy I am?. No.

It is amazing to realize that how few of us really am grateful to what we had. That is why, I do believe that we do need to compare ourselves to other people. Few people came to me and said.. Awww y’all can’t compare yourself to him/her,he’s/she’s rich y’all, awwww y’all can’t compare yourself to him/her,he’s/she’s cleverer than y’all. What a pile of bullshit. That is a total whore.

We must compare ourselves to other people, if not, y’all missed out. Things are moving quickly and that’s how it goes. See what other people had, compare with what u had and better yourself. It ain’t real if you think you are all that. You might suck and you don’t know it. But heres to us learning and growing and getting better and better.

So, as for me, what you do have, doesn’t impress me much if you act like shit, or you can’t write/speak English well, or you smelly, or y’all don’t bother to lipat baju lepas baju kering. You ain’t better than the person next to you until you admit that you need to patch few things up. The world does not evolve around you honey and you are not all that.

Long story short, and preventing the possibility of sharing way too much information, I just wanna say, hold ma shit and get over yourself. The real job is waiting for you and it’s gonna start in approximately 20 days. If you think you gonna do fine cause you pandai bodek,cantik (cantek ke?), you have the experiences and you scored in exams, you must be on crack, bitch!

I don’t understand why people feels good about something unpredictable. There is no promise that students are going to be good to us. No guarantee at all. Baby, the money would be great, but I don’t know if I can get around the actual fact that I’d be a teacher and I have to teach another group of human being to be a better person. Am I that better person now to be teaching other people legitimate conclusions? I think i am, that is why I raised these issues, mind you, but are you? When I come to think of it, I am so sick of the world’s blubbering and racket that the last thing I want to do is hear any more superfluous noise.  

But anyhow, it could be worse. We could be at the vacuum place still, biting our nails, waiting for the other shoe to drop… Or worse even, unemployed, giving hand jobs for quarters in the bus station. I think its about time all of you take a step to try something new too. If you can’t handle your friends/team members, then you can’t handle teenagers.. And I’m telling all of these shit to myself. It is MY blog, you know.

Ted Baker




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