Dear diary – Confrontations

27 06 2008

Dear diary,

I’d like to think that after having all this awesome time to chill and enjoy myself that I’d be more energized to write, but NAY…that is not the case.  I’m exhausted to watch confrontations. Cut it out already, you guys make me sick!.

Seeing you guys is like hearing Paris Hilton talking and every time I see you guys, my heart creates a conversation, and it goes like this;

Paris’s rep: Sweetie, people have this view of you as..well, uh..
Paris: Oh my god, are you watching The Hills? Lauren Conrad is SO FAT. She’s a total cow. She probably has a cottage cheese ass like Kim Kardashian’s. Ugh, thank god I’m so awesomely thin. And smart! Wait – what?
Paris’s rep: What I was saying is that there’s this opportunity to donate some money to the children’s hospital..
Paris: What’s that?
Paris’ rep: A hospital. For children.
Paris: Is there a bar?
Paris’ rep: It’s a hospital.
Paris: So there’s drugs?
Paris’ rep: *sigh*

Get educated.

Ted Baker




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