I am turning into Britney.

26 06 2008

Dear diary, 

This is not a proper bathing suit.

Well friends and fans, today is my last day of being a gainfully lazy individual. I am going to Dr. Kabilan’s class for the last time.  I can’t say my last day was all that awkward or bad; but i hope i will be doing a post entry later at night.

9.19PM. Fuckitty Fuck! 

My post entry came rather early! Fuckitty Fuck! In full realization that I have rarely mentioned my obsession with Internet, gossip, media and journalism. I love journalism so much. I know that I have to at least do my due diligence today and tell you all how excited i am to be a journalist. It was one of my best years in life and to put it away, it’s just so hard. To put away things happened to me, is even harder, that is why i have this blog. A combination.  There are countless reasons why I absolutely eager to finish of my studies, one of them is i hate what is happening around me. The crowd, the people, everything. I am not positive which circle of Hell this was taking place in, but I’m pretty sure it’s close to the center.

Just before 7 months ago, I am doing so well at work. Got my own desk, filled with IKea stuff. I loved it. While everyone were busy stuffing their faces in lame workstations, I sit comfortably in front of  my editor.The best editor any magazine could ever asked. We have purely superficial reasons to out-beat everyone, if only I did not left the magazine. Now that I did, I am without a rock from being disappointed. I am happy that my parents are happy.

 I did the job because I want the job. I put my heart into it. Unlike some people, I deserve what i had. I am not the one who works in a fashion magazine but does not know much of fashion, nor those who dealt with advertisers but have no public relation skill, nor I am the boss daughter whom apparently is stupid and filled with splendiferous douchetasticness. Either way, I am are more hateful of those who works in a fashion line but their fashion sense are dreadful. I don’t even need to explain this.  What a waste of a good set of tits.  (Hey, I recognize a nice rack when I see one.)

yadda.. yadda.. What’s next?

So…  As one door closes, I eagerly await the next to open.  Stay tuned and see where I end up next.

Ted Baker




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