Wear under.

26 06 2008

OK! I am going to make a fool of myself. 


Campbell’s Soup at Hand Chicken with Mini Noodle, when cold, feels like already puked-up puke in your mouth.

 I can be a bad person if I let myself.

I am a good person most of the time though.

Life is rarely fair.

Twitter is kinda cool.

Sex is on tonight! 

Michael Copon is the man!

Are the guys gonna play ball tonight? 

My throat hurts.   Am I getting sick again?

I need to find the DG41 salary rates.

Diet Dr. Pepper tastes a lot like regular Dr. Pepper.  Seriously.

Make that a TOTALLY BOSS family.

It’s almost time to go!  Couch or bleachers tonight?  We shall see!

I love briefs and underwear.






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