Dear diary – Faults

26 06 2008

Dear dairy,

With all of us coming from very different backgrounds, regardless of whether or not you are at work, at home, with friends or on the ball field, the one common thread we can share is laughter. Though that is, I am very picky on friends. I talk to everyone, but I don’t get along with all of them. The compatibility lies in me. I decide. So if you talk to me and i respond, that does not mean I like you. I’ve always talked to you, but do i have to like you? NO. I might not, but I have to.

But the people I haven’t gotten along with, though very few and far between, are people that I did not match with sense-of-humor-wise.  They didn’t get my self-deprecation.

And I knew things you might thought I might not know. We are here because of our same capabilities, right? Plus who are you to think that I am clumsy, white, spoiled and unathletic? My mom spoiled me, not my work. I work my ass off to be in my position before I leave the position void, I work, I don’t do sex with my boss. Sigh.

This is only more proven by the introspection of my life regarding the people I haven’t gotten along with.  I am very self-effacing person.  I don’t have a lot of secrets and make fun of myself on a regular basis. I’m legally blind in both eyea, affecting my depth perception and my ability to not look like I am impersonating a pirate, a blind pirate.

But when it comes down to it, with a simple look or a few phrases, I always have myself. We can have each other in stitches.  When one of us is having a bad day, the other one has a few tricks up their sleeve to get the other one back to center.  And it’s almost always through laughter. I laugh of all the bad presentations I did, Micro-Teaching, the Dr Sheikh incidents on blogging (which now makes sense huh, Dr?).

I laugh at times when i give bad opinions in class, i laugh whenever someone disagree with me. And today, as of 3.40PM, things were always done for me; my messes cleaned up, my stresses diluted, my needs met unconditionally.  I asked for it and I got it, on my time schedule, my way.

Learn to love yourself and all your faults. 

Ted Baker




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