Dear Diary – Shabby

25 06 2008

Dear diary,

I can’t say enough how sorry I am for being so neglectful of you, my sweet and awesome blog.  The last few hours have been going swimmingly despite not having a moment to sit and breathe due to constant studying. (What do you think I do in my room, besides surfing xtube?).

For those of you who care, I did not go to class today for no specific reasons. Not having much of a choice, I would actually rather to do my practical training than seeing my classmates same ugly faces again and over again.

While I’ve been swamped and overwhelmed with all this new transfmormation, I have not been able to get a to know a lot of folks on anything more than a professional basis.  This leaves me pretty lonely here in my room, but busy as a smokin’-hot bee with Internet.e

Being in a position of still learning and being unsure of myself, attempting to fill some pretty big shoes, I am feeling pretty overwhelmed and insecure. Everyone can teach but only rare ones emerge as a good teacher. I haven’t had time for personal life moments of much substance so the self-esteem isn’t exacctly at normal levels. 

We’re all friends here, right?  Well, I just recently had a whole new world  open up to me that I hadn’t known before that I wanted to share. It’s going to be different once the practical terms has started and believe me, I can’t wait for it. I am so sick of these classes and shitty faces I’m seeing everyday.

Dear friends,you may match in your senses of humor and the activities that you like to do together, but discovering new things in the sack can always been a source of a fresh outlook on things.  Whether its another position, a new “outfit”, a new locale or technique, try something new tonight or this week. 

SMKTB, It’s a transition, that’s for sure.  New schedules, new hours, new surroundings.  At least I have my lappy right in font of me to absorb some sunshiny joy from the Carolina blue skies. Life aint too shabby.

Ted Baker




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