Dear Diary: Scene.

24 06 2008

Dear diary,

I had written something rather profound in trying my best to stay awake, not that i’ve been sleeping a lot anyway. What a scene just now, i just found out something rather odd, that someone ‘else’ do care (or was she?) about me. I don’t even want to comment about the ‘alms’ that has been given. My biggest regret is the way it all went down not the way i expect it would be. They way I see it, the people who make this decisions don’t live where it hits the most. 

We live in two worlds. Parallel yet distinctly different in many ways. The 1st one is the world that god al-mighthy has created and later human have infested. The other one is the world we create by our selves. A friend of mine asked if I have refound my faith. I don’t think I ever lost it. I have always known I have faith and taqwa, but the depth and strength of it was unmeasured for me. I understand now that, it is OK if people mock you, especially if it in front of your face. It just makes u stronger. It’s add up to the other good quality you have. You take it and own it. Breathe it and live it.

My point is, we have to know where our world ends and where the 1st world starts. Always makes the right decision because failure in doing so will only cause tension among other people. Unlike the world in our head, the 1st world thrives on codependency. No one can live alone in the 1st world. So what ever rule that works sooo well in our world might not work as well in the 1st.

Borders or rules applies in most if not all situations and scenarios. At work, play, in relationship, family ties and friendship. There are set rules we have to obey. Invisible as they may seem but we know it is there.

Yes, it is easier said that done, but by the look of things, most are just saying anyways..who’s doing the doing? At least I did. 

May Allah bless you.




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