iPhone and U.

24 06 2008

Most people either love or hate the iPhone’s touch screen, and based on a report on the LA Times, women with long fingernails are among the haters. Why? Well, since the iPhone’s touchscreen only responds to electrical charges emitted by your bare fingertips, women with long nails are left out in the cold. A woman interviewed for the article went so far as to suggest Apple was being misogynistic because it did not include a stylus for women and didn’t consider womens’ fingers and nails when designing the phone.

Honestly, though, this same argument has come up against keyboards, touch screen monitors, and anything else that involves the use of your fingers, so should every gadget maker change the design of its products to accommodate users with long nails, or should people with long nails learn to work around this problem like they have in the past? I’d love to hear what Apple has to say about all this, but I doubt they’ll ever address this particular design flaw.

Personally, I’d rather have them focus on the real issues of the iPhone, like the lack of a video camera, extra storage, and better camera, but that’s just me. Besides, there are styli out there that work with the iPhone just fine and are pretty affordable.

This all reminded me of an iPhone reviewer who had a hard time using the iPhone due to her long nails, and in her frustration she said, “I guess people who use Apple products are too cool for fingernails.” But are we? What do you think?


Ted Baker : Well, here is what I think… Are you fucking kidding me? First of all, its a product for people to use. If you don’t like it, there are many other products to fill the void. Second of all, that’s YOUR problem and not Apple’s. Cut your fingernails or buy something else. They don’t have to design it for everyone, and just because some women CHOOSE to have long nails and can’t use it does not make Apple misogynistic.

You are not supposed to type with your fingernail, you use the fatty part of your thumb and use your index finger. Also you are not supposed to type everything exact, the iPhone auto corrects for you. Once you figure these little things out you will be fine. Besides, a man with long nails would have the same problem.

What a sad, sad, sad world we live in when people actually have to complain about a high tech gadget that does infinitely more than any computer could 20 years ago and all in the palm of your hand. If we did as much to cars as Apple has to music and car phones, do you think you all would cut your nails to have one? If you have time to generate a story like this based on the length of your nails you are the lowest common denominator in human evolution. Do humanity a favor and get out of the gene pool.

I can’t believe with all the real problems we face, someone would have the gall to complain about something this trivial. Different products are made to suit different individuals. Buy something else! Evidently the iPhone is not the product for you. Time to move on, there is no sympathy card (Yes, Mimi) to play.

For the fat-fingered, simple, buy something else and quit your gripping! If a touchscreen doesn’t work for you, don’t buy the damn phone! Asshole.




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18 07 2008

whoooohhh… gila ahhh..!

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