Dear Diary: Sound off!

24 06 2008

Dear diary,

I have no idea where they came from, but as of late, there has been a real influx of a heart to heart conversations i just encountered. Every time I mention the relationship is in a light that isn’t as favorable as Cinderella and Prince Charming, someone out there thinks that they know what they are talking about and give me their two cents. Fucking ignorant.

I am an opinionated person; there is no question about that. I have my political and religious views and thoughts about whether or not it’s all right to have sex before marriage. But one thing that I would never comment on is the status of someone’s relationship with their significant other. At least,not before being asked thee my opinion.

I am a staunch advocate of the statement that you have the right and responsibility to yourself to stay committed so long as there is more good than bad in your relationship, according to the people engaged in the relationship. However, I do believe in options. Always do and will always love options.  To be frank, it is not my business how dysfunctionally you keep your shit together. I don’t care. But keep you shit to yourself, and do think about yourself. 

No one is perfect. DON’T LOOK. You won’t find it. There isn’t one person who can say, “I am perfect and the model by which all others should model their crisis-management style.” There isn’t a person ever born on this green earth that hasn’t had conflict in their life. And there isn‘t one person I have ever met that can tell me how to run my life because they aren’t living it. And in this instance, don’t even know me.

Fuck! Just do it. Hell with other people. I have been friends with people who have dealt with financial issues, medical issues, addictions, distance, religious differences, you name it – and never once have I told my friend that they were wrong for trying to work it out. There is no way that anyone else can truly understand exactly what their friend is going through.Even if you came from very similar circumstances or even were siblings in the same house, your life experience can vary so greatly that someone from outside your microcosm of similar stories can turn out completely different. Given that fact, no one has the wisdom or knowledge to accurately suggest how, when or why someone should handle their lives.

Unless, of course, your pattern of living directly infringes upon someone else’s pattern of living in a negative way. If your lack of proper attention forces you into the back of my truck at a high rate of speed, I have a right to get your information and make your insurance go up. You can tell a friend it hurts your feelings if they are consistently late for the plans you make. Wake up your boyfriend/girlfriend if he’s snoring too loud. Take back the covers. If your livelihood or comfort are negatively affected by someone else, that is the only time you have the right and responsibility to tactfully and appropriately ask them to cut it the fuck out.

Dude, no use in being the Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag of the blogosphere. LIFE is the business of your own. Go live yours and mind your own. Fuck others and own her.

Ted Baker.




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